Desktop Wallet v1.0.9

A perfectly designed wallet that provides all of the DeuterCoin features in one revolutionary interface. Integrated BlockExplorer & Miner client.
Update Instructions

Backup your wallet.wallet via File -> Backup Wallet in the Deutercoin Wallet, in multiple locations.
Turn off your old wallet.
Extract the new Deutercoin Wallet file and replace the previous version.
Double click on the new client.
That’s it! Enjoy!

•New diff algo
•Improved stability
•BlockChain link in (Menu Help)
•Added menu Community with links to ( BitcoinTalk, Reddit, Twitter, Discord )
•Minor graphic Updates
•Minor Updates
•Ready to HardFork on blockchain height 83000
•To run deuter.exe or ./deuter config file is no longer required
Please note that after blockchain 83000 old nodes and wallets will not be compatible.

Linux64allfiles.tar.gz – contain Daemon, simplewallet and payment gateway for Ubuntu (64bit)
win64allfiles.rar – contain Daemon, simplewallet and payment gateway for Windows (64bit)