Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to announce the project sooner than expected. We are working very hard to stay on track with our roadmap and hope to meet or exceed your expectations very soon.

  • Build Linux wallet. COMPLETED
  • Build windows wallet to reach more people. COMPLETED
  • Launch fully working BlockExplorer, which is required by all exchanges. COMPLETED
  • Get listed on at least one of exchanges to give the public the opportunity to trade. COMPLETED
  • Build .RPM and .DEB files for ease of use for Linux users.
  • Develop and build IOS and Android wallet’s, to get you access and control of your resources from each platform.
  • Get listed on one of the payment gateways, to give you the opportunity to buy, sell and use e-commerce. Merchant Integrations.
  • Get listed on MinerGate, one of the biggest CryptoNote mining pool’s.
  • Web wallet to get access to your funds through a web browser.